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RT3 Tri-axial Research Tracker Kit

ct1.jpg (4239 bytes) The RT3 Tri-axial Research Tracker is an easy-to-use activity measurement and recording device. It is designed as a complete activity recording and measurement system for clinical and research applications. The RT3 is the size of a pager and is worn on the waist. It continuously tracks activity through the use of piezo-electric accelerometer technology that measures motion in three dimensions and provides tri-axial vector data in activity units, metabolic equivalent units (METs) or kilocalories. Using the RT3 with Stayhealthy software and the RT3 docking station enables research professionals to connect to their computers to display performance graphs and activity unit data that can be used to assess and track subjects in ongoing and comparative studies. Multiple RT3s can be purchased and used with one docking station. The Docking Station Included..

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