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The ACTIGRAPH, also known as an activity monitor, detects activity by sensing motion via an internal accelerometer.

This small lightweight single axis activity-measuring instrument can be worn on the wrist, waist, or ankle to record physical activity.

The ACTIGRAPH product line has an excellent reputation based on demonstrated reliability, accuracy, and technical support. The product line has been the baseline for many studies and is considered the 'gold standard' for the industry in the Sports
and Exercise Science market. One of the great advantages to using the ACTIGRAPH is that it is a shelf item, which means that no research is needed. There have been many validation studies done in support of the ACTIGRAPH.

Some uses of the ACTIGRAPH include the study of circadian rhythms, estimation of energy expenditure, assessment of athletic and rehabilitative programs, sleep research, and time and motion studies.

Benefits include
ˇ Monitors free-ranging individuals during the course of normal activity.
ˇ Daily activity profile
ˇ Percent of time spent at different activity levels
ˇ Peak performance
ˇ Time spent resting
ˇ Maximum duration of continuous activity


AM7164 : Activity Monitor (Actigraph)
All versions include a Battery and wrist strap with an embedded magnet (MAG).

bulletAM7164-2.2 Version 2.2
Is our standard model, along with Activity Counts it can be setup in a step counting mode. It has event marker capability and can be setup in a flash mode, so that the Actigraphs internal LED will flash during Activity.
bulletAM7164-2.3 Version 2.3
This version has an ambient light sensor in place of the Pedo (cycle count) mode. The Actigraph is setup to measure from about 3000 LUX down, focusing on in door light levels.
bulletAM71256 Activity Monitor Version 2.2
Is our standard version with Extended Memory
(4 times)
bulletPlacebo Model
looks and weighs the same as a functional model.


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SYS7164-2 : Actigraph Evaluation System
Includes:An Actigraph AM7164-2.2, ST32-1 Velcro™ Strap (w/ MAG), BP71 Pouch, NW36-S Belt, MAG, RIU40 Reader Interface Unit, Software, and MAN64 Operator’s Manual


An Actigraph ver. 2.3, with Light Sensor is Substituted
An Actigraph ver. 2.2, with Extended Memory is Substituted


RIU40 : Reader Interface Unit
One Reader Interface Unit is required for every computer terminal that will be used, regardless of the number of Actigraphs.

Includes: Operators Manual, Software*, Power Cable, and PC cable.

* Software includes an EXCELŽ macro, a quick-view plotting program, CALORIC.EXE & METS.EXE (both convert activity counts to Kcals & METS according to Documented Algorithms by P. Freedson & etal.), and other data handling programs.


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BP71: Nylon Pouch
The pouch is intended to hold the Actigraph on a persons belt, the ribbon loops around the belt and is held by Velcro™. The pouch provides a layer of protection to the Actigraph as it hides it, making less noticeable. The Pouch is stocked in Black, but many different colors and trim can be made, making more inviting for children to wear.

BP75 Padded Nylon Pouch
This pouch is slightly larger than the BP71 because of added padding. It is design to protect the Actigraph if falls onto hard surface or if dropped while putting on or taking off.


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